iRest 4D Massage Chair Recliner, Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massager with AI Voice Control, SL Track, Heating, Touch Screen, Quick Access Buttons (Silver)

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  • Advanced 4D technology
  • Zero Gravity and SL Track design
  • Large chair, designed user height range is 5.0ft – 6.6ft
  • Automatic calfrest extension & Automatic plantar position detection
  • Full body Heating therapy on shoulders, back, waist, abdomen, and feet
  • Calf roller kneading and drainage massage & Foot roller scraping massage
  • 3 Control Methods: AI voice control, TFT touch screen, and quick button access
  • Programme Memory Function: DIY personal massage program according to different body shapes and requirements. When next time use the chair, press memory button to enter automatic memo modes and enjoy personal massage.
  • A 3-Years Warranty is provided for all quality defects, Local Customer Services available, and White glove service is provided for free in most areas, but may not be done on the same day of delivery. If you need it, please contact us when placing your order.
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iRest A710 4D Massage Chair

iRest A710 is the all new 2022 4D massage chair which does everything that chairs over 10,000 dollars do and is of better quality, It equipped with 23 types of automatic massage programs, 5 levels of massage speed adjustment, 5 levels of massage intensity adjustment and 3 levels of airbag adjustment.

Multiple Massage Functions for Legs and Feet

  • Toe Heating Therapy
  • Calf Roller Scraping Massage
  • Foot Roller Scraping Massage
  • Calf Airbags Squeezing Massage
  • Foot 360° Fully-wrapped Airbags Squeezing Massage
  • Automatic Detection of Plantar Position
    Calf Kneading/Drainage Massage around the inside and outside of the calves
  • Automatic Calfrest Extension: Electrically adjust the telescopic distance according to the leg length of the user
  • Leg Traction Massage: The calf and backrest are lifted to form automatic lying down in a cyclic manner. At the same time, the lower leg air compression and the back manipulators cooperate together to massage, and the legs can be stretched for traction massage.
  • Ankle Stretching Function: Use the airbag squeezing function of foot rest and leg rest to fix the calf and feet by airbag tension, and then stretch the ankle by stretching the foot rest up and down, effectively alleviating muscle stiffness, leg muscle soreness and ankle strain after long-term walking and strenuous exercise.

AI Automatic Body Scanning System

iRest A710 massage chair is designed with the function of automatic detection and micro-adjustment of shoulder position and the automatic detection function of human body curve and Shiatsu point to automatically adjust the stretch back and forth of the robot according to the detected human body curve and Shiatsu point, making massage more humanized and scientific.

Calf Kneading Massage

Entire calves are kneaded and squeezed by up-and-down movements of the airbags, draining massage play a very good role in relaxing calf muscles and soothing calf swelling.

AI Smart Chip

  • Advance 4D technology
  • AI automatic body scanning system
  • AI voice control
  • SL track roller design
  • Full body air compression
  • Full body heating therapy
  • And more…

Space Capsule Zero Gravity

The gravity of each body part will distribute average on massage chair to make pressure on body fully release. Zero gravity model means that the legs and torso are at 118 degrees elevation, the location of thighs and calves are above the heart. It makes you under weightlessness condition and enjoy perfect relaxation without any restrict.

Full Body Heating Therapy & Unique Shawl

  • Full body Heating therapy on back, shoulders, waist and abdomen, and feet.
  • Unique Shawl: iRest A710 massage chair Provides with a unique shawl assembly, with innovative heating functions on the shoulder, back, waist and abdomen and heating with graphene. Users can place the shawl at different massage positions according to massage requirements.

Massage Techniques

iRest A710 massage chair provides 17 massage techniques such as Kneading (7 modes for switching cyclically), Tapping (Tap I, Tap II), Kneading &Tapping, Shiatsu (Shiatsu I, Shiatsu II), Grasping, and 4D (4D I, 4D II, 4D III, 4D IV) for selection.


Negative Oxygen Ion

iRest A710 massage chair can generate negative oxygen ion, which can improve sleep, improve air quality, and be healthy.

Timing Design

iRest A710 massage chair is equipped with timing design function, click the “ 16min ” icon to adjust the massage time.

Bluetooth Speaker

iRest A710 massage chair is equipped with Bluetooth technology, which allows the user to listen to their favorite music on high quality speakers during massage.

Air Pressure 110V-120V~ 60Hz
Max Load Weight360 Lbs
Designed Height Range 5.0ft - 6.6ft
Rated Voltage110V-120V~ 60Hz
Rated Power120W

Standby Power 0.1-1W
Net Weight292lbs
Gross Weight344lbs
Product Dimension (Upright)58.27" L * 33.07" W * 48.03" H
Product Dimension (Recline) 70.87" L * 33.07" W * 34.64" H
Packaging Dimension 58.66"L*30.31"W*36.61"H; 55.12"L*15.94"W*28.35"H
Safety Class Class I
Noise ≤55dB
Air Pressure 0.025-0.03MPa




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