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Best investment for this lovely massage chair. We put in the bedroom so we can enjoy before going to bed. My wife love it. Especially when the lights in the bedroom off and the LED on both sides on the chair on. It’s creating a lovely atmosphere plus the bluetooth feature which you can give commends to different modes for massaging and listen to your favorite songs so relaxing…

Paula Robinson

Brought the chair in black color. Sold out. I took the brown instead. I put the chair in my bedroom so I can enjoy nightly before going to bed. …… love it…. Especially when I turn off the lights in the bedroom off and the LED on both sides of the chair on creating a lovely and relaxing environment plus the bluetooth feature which I can give comment to different modes for massaging and listen to my favorite songs so relaxing….


We recently got the Ootori A600 and it’s really amazing! We’ve been using the chair and we are really enjoying it everyday.We never regret purchasing the Ootori A600 massage chair because of the health benefits it can provide to us along with the affordability. We dreamed of having our own massage chair at home before. Unfortunately most of them are expensive, but the Ootori Massage chair made it happen for us to have one with the same quality. Some of my family and friends are starting to purchase their own Ootori massage chair after they tried ours. One of the things I noticed which I love with the company itself is the quick response in dealing with questions and concerns. They really have a good customer service. Will continue to spread the words to people who would benefit with this amazing product!

Jeff R.

Bought an Irest A306-9. Delivered in 3 days! Excellent customer service. Realtime delivery tracking! Voice activation is awesome and accurate, sometimes she just says, I’m here, makes me feel special! lol. Very quiet, very strong but can be turned down to be gentle. First day between the wife and I we ran her for 4 hrs and loved it! We played oriental relaxation music in the Bluetooth speakers and it took it to another level compared to playing it on our home surround sound, just because of placement. You can adjust everything to work a specific part of your body. The led light can be annoying in low light situations but drape a blanket over it. I don’t believe there is a machine in this price range that gives this kind of experience! Im totally happy with this decision!

Johnie Burns

I was in the market for a massage chair for quite a while. One huge factor that deters me from getting one was the cost. After a long research, I came across the iRest A303. This chair seems like it has all the bells and whistles that I have been looking for in a massage chair at an affordable price. I was a bit skeptical at first but I’m glad I made this purchase. Since can return within 30 days if I don’t like it, I have nothing to lose. I love the SL track which massages from my neck to my legs, zero gravity which maximizes the intensity of the massage, Bluetooth speakers where I can connect to any Bluetooth devices and of course there are plenty of other features. I have a few friends that have top of the line luxury massage chairs (Infinity Imperial) that cost well over 10k and I’m happy to say that this chair is comparable with those high-end massage chairs out there.

Allan T.

I received my chair and it was very simple to set up and use. The quality of the material is really good. Sitting on it is very comfortable, and the remote to turn on is very easy to use as well. Once you power it on you can feel the massage rollers getting started and then you just relax and feel good. I have friends who come over that just wanna sit on it and get a massage all day because of how good it is. It’s very relaxing after a long day of work and I recommend it to friends and family. overall this the chair is worth the money and would recommend it to anyone in need of a massage chair.

Assem A.
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